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LESLIE LAND's Discussions

Hammered Dulcimer
6 Replies

Does anyone on FOTMD play the hammered dulcimer?  I was hoping to find a group, but I don't see one here. I bought one but haven't started playing it yet. I'm about to tackle tuning it.  Any…Continue

Tags: hammered

Started this discussion. Last reply by Sharna Tanner Feb 22, 2013.

The Banjo/Dulcimer
11 Replies

Does anyone have a Banjammer or a Banjmo? I've heard Stephen Seifert play the Banjammer, but I found someone who makes the Banjmo and like the looks of it a bit more.  I'm trying to find out if…Continue

Tags: Banjo

Started this discussion. Last reply by phil Feb 16, 2012.



What everyone's up to!...

LESLIE LAND replied to Vicki Moore's discussion 'What kind of baritone is best?' in the group Baritone Dulcimer Players
"Here's an idea from a beginner - when I got my McSpadden, I was a bit surprised that it was real big or deep. It's the strings that make the difference.  If you have ADS (acquire dulcimers syndrome) and have an extra spare, why…"
LESLIE LAND replied to Nila atkins's discussion 'how to tune Baritone Dulcimer to other tunnings?' in the group Baritone Dulcimer Players
"Hi Nila.  I'm a VERY beginner in dulcimers, but I found out I can use the same fingerings on my AEA tuned baritone and I do on my DAD standard.  They won't be the same notes, and you might run into a snag or two because of the…"
Oct 30
LESLIE LAND replied to Dulcimer Diva's discussion 'What other instruments do you play?'
"Very nice!  Yes, they did run over you just a bit there."
Oct 14
LESLIE LAND replied to Dulcimer Diva's discussion 'What other instruments do you play?'
"Here's another good one -   ; ("The Best Mountain Fiddler I Ever Heard")."
Oct 13
LESLIE LAND replied to Dulcimer Diva's discussion 'What other instruments do you play?'
"I was reading back in the posts and John mentioned an octave fiddle, so I pulled some up on you tube.  Here's a nice tune: .  If it doesn't come up, just go to you tube and put in…"
Oct 13
LESLIE LAND commented on Robin Thompson's group 'Rosin the Bow!'
"Good job!  I know it's not easy because I've tried. Here's a member, Dave, bowing a Tennessee Music Box.  Hope you enjoy it!"
Apr 21
LESLIE LAND replied to Cindy Stammich's discussion 'Banjammer' in the group Fingerpicking
"I sure wish I could come.  I'm in Texas and there's not much going on with dulcimers here.  The bowed dulcimer people meet around North Carolina all the time.  I hope you guys have a great time.  If anyone wants to…"
Apr 8
LESLIE LAND replied to Cindy Stammich's discussion 'Banjammer' in the group Fingerpicking
"Hi Barb. I'm just a beginner, but I also just had to have a Banjammer.  I've got four strings, tuned DAdd.  I only use the one melody string since they're not close together like a dulcimer.  One woman said she…"
Apr 7
LESLIE LAND replied to Dulcimer Diva's discussion 'What other instruments do you play?'
"Beware of MDAS!!!  (Mountain Dulcimer Acquisition Syndrome).  You can actually catch it from being a member of FOTMD!! Happy Strumming!!"
Mar 17
LESLIE LAND replied to Dulcimer Diva's discussion 'What other instruments do you play?'
"More than welcome~  Check out the bass clarinet under John's reply.  I really love that sound! "
Mar 16
LESLIE LAND replied to Dulcimer Diva's discussion 'What other instruments do you play?'
"Wow~ Very talented family! Do you play together? I just bought a "pocket clarinet" from Ebay.  I have a bass clarinet but no one to take lessons from.  I'm a bit (a bunch) intimidated by it.  At first it made horrible…"
Mar 16
LESLIE LAND replied to Dulcimer Diva's discussion 'What other instruments do you play?'
"Hi John - got the two posts mixed up, so please see the one under Paul's post. "
Mar 16
LESLIE LAND replied to Dulcimer Diva's discussion 'What other instruments do you play?'
"Very cool, Paul!  I was wanting a viola awhile back but then I ran into the bowed dulcimer.  Since its fretted I thought it would be easier.  However, I've yet to pay it much attention because my first efforts sounded like a cat…"
Mar 16
LESLIE LAND replied to Dulcimer Diva's discussion 'What other instruments do you play?'
"Congratulations!! I've always dreamed of playing the chimes.  Whacking something melodious with a hammer appeals to me!  I have a djembe drum and a set of bells (xylophone) that I love doodling around on and making up tunes.  I…"
Mar 6
LESLIE LAND replied to Robin Clark's discussion 'McSpadden Baritones' in the group Baritone Dulcimer Players
"Hey Ellen!  Glad to hear from another ukulele player!  I'm a member of our city's meetup group but never really get to talk ukes other than that.  I've been busy learning the alto recorder lately and haven't…"
Feb 24
LESLIE LAND replied to Dulcimer Diva's discussion 'What other instruments do you play?'
"You're more than welcome, Helen.  I got the poly C the first time but found myself not playing it much at all.  I just didn't like the feel of it against my lips!  Silly, I know.  I got the warmstone in C and G and…"
Feb 17

Profile Information

My interests in music and in mountain dulcimers:
I play flute, piccolo, euphonium, and some other instruments. Have recently bought a hammered dulcimer and am looking at mountain dulcimers. I heard a chromatic one on you tube and really liked it. Everything I play has notes, not chords, and I thought this might be the way for me to go. Hoping for guidance and interesting reading.
Where and how I first saw or heard a mountain dulcimer...
Can't even remember....
Why I want to join Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer
Put "how to choose a dulcimer" in the search engine.



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At 10:12pm on October 19, 2013, Barbara-Lee Jordan said…

Well, as for other instruments, no I don't play fiddle any more.  In order of "skill level" I play sop md, percussion (mostly toys - castanets, doumbec, shakers) in the Lewiston Clarkston Community Band, bari dulc, hammered dulcimer.  I am a classically trained singer, but now have allowed myself to "let my hair down" and sing mostly folk and western music.  I did play in the 25th Army Band for 5 years (perc) and was the big-band singer.  Now THAT was a hoot!  After that, I played for 3 years in my sister's middle eastern music band (live music for belly dancers), and moved up into the northern mountains 3 years ago.  I've slowed down a lot, but kept music as my second passion (my husband is my first ).  I've done a lot of improv on the md, but none with jams.  I'm getting better at it, but still not great doing music by ear (I've always read music).  I understand TAB well now, though it's been a struggle with fingerpicking TABs because of having read music (upside down from TAB).  That's wll & good though- gives me a reason to get up in the morning.  Now, if I could just get you to come over and do my gardening....

At 4:53pm on May 27, 2013, Louis J. Stivali said…

here we have to make sure that if we plant in pots and we want to have it winter over it needs to go into the ground before planting anything in pots we want to keep is a royal pain (annuals excepted) our frost can go down four feet or more...but weather is changing and as we say about New England weather if ya don't like it, wait a minute...

At 2:37pm on May 27, 2013, Louis J. Stivali said…

Up here we really can't plant any tender plants such ad tomatoes, summer squash, etc. until after the first full moon in June if we don't want to deal with covering to protect from a my garden remains untilled...probably get to it in the next week or two...Ah well I like our three seasons up here...July, August and winter ...happy tilling

At 2:18pm on May 27, 2013, Louis J. Stivali said…

Nice to be friends...and thanks...that was fun all I have to do is to get it attached as soon as I can bend the sides and get it all glued up...definitely a work in progress

At 4:51pm on March 22, 2013, Helen Seiler said…
Whoops, thats two chooks and two budgies (parakeets) Toby and Floyd.
At 4:49pm on March 22, 2013, Helen Seiler said…
Gee, well done on tracking down a used bowed dulcimer. I hope to get one some day. That deep resonate tone is lovely. We sound a bit alike. A month back I got a used autoharp sent over from Da'igle Harps in Seattle. I love it. And you dont have to play fancy to please people down here. I love the look on their faces when they see and hear her. Only know one song, have been waiting on some music books I ordered about ten days ago.. My dogs are Jess a german shepherd cross and Murphy (Murph), a Shitzhu cross I got from a shelter in December. I also have to chooks, Rose Geek Betty, and two chooks, Toby and Floyd. Hope u have a good trip. Your dogs are gorgeous.
At 9:01am on March 22, 2013, Robin Thompson said…
Have fun at ol' Pal! :)
At 2:11am on March 22, 2013, Helen Seiler said…
G'day Leslie, ta for friend request. I ended up going with a Banjimer from Dave Lynch of Sweetwoods Music. Dave built my student md and since getting the banjimer I have ordered a custom bass md that I should have in May. I love my banjimer. I have found a number of old md tunes like Johnson Boys that sound great on her. Shes tuned DAd. I now play two banjimer songs at the end of each set when I play cafes. People seemand to liketo it. I see from your profile that you also have a hammered dulcimer. I finally tracked down a used mahogany Dusty Springs D10 12/11 hd. Got her shipped to Oz from Washington State. She is lovely and I am making some progress. The only hd builder charges $2000 for her beginner laminate hd. Too rich for me. I got mine for $420 plus shipping. I really wanted solid timber. She was fully set up by Elderly Instruments in US. So she tunes easy (takes a while, but getting faster) which instrument are you spending most time on at the moment?
At 12:13am on March 22, 2013, David Lamberson said…
The Old Time Music Festival is located at The Museaum of East Texas in Palestine... Hope that Helps.
At 11:48am on March 20, 2013, Robin Thompson said…
Hey, Leslie! If you've joined the Yahoo group for bowed dulcimers, be sure you have chosen the setting to receive emails from the group. It's a friendly bunch of folks.

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