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Comment by Susan B. McNeely 8 hours ago

Hi, Sharon!

I started playing mountain dulcimer in 2008, when I retired. Am struggling with guitar and mandolin now, have been taking lessons from Kara Barnard in Nashville, IN, since I started. I play with the Dulcimers Only Group (fondly known as the DOGs) in Indianapolis. I love the instrument in all its variations - I think I've now purchased 8 now, two of which were for my daughter (a student model from Bill Berg and then a "real dulcimer", as she puts it - a cherry from Warren May).  I try to keep the working stable manageable - my current instruments are: the first purchase, a completely traditional cherry from Warren May (no 6+ fret, rosewood pegs) for playing sweet traditional songs; a simple Bill Berg for knocking around camp, a Mike Clemmer church model in wormy chestnut with a big voice for playing with groups, and my latest love, a Warren May special I commissioned in May - butternut top and walnut back with a beautiful pattern (see photo at left).

Still pretty much a newby, but working hard on technique.

Comment by Judy Doss 9 hours ago

Welcome Sharon!   Glad to see you as moderator.   I got my first dulcimer two weeks after experiencing the Eagle Creek Folk Festival back in 1986.  First dulcimer was a Black Mountain,  it was the only one I could find and didn't know about Bill Berg back then.  Imagine my surprise when I walked into his shop.  Now playing a Berg, and get together with Glenda and some others on the south west side.

Like so many, I couldn't stop at one instrument  I also play autoharp, fiddle, and entertain myself with guitar, mandolin and hammered dulcimer.  Last three are a work in progress!

There are quite a few of us in this group, I would like to see us get together to play sometime.

Welcome as the new moderator!

Comment by phil 11 hours ago

Welcome Sharon,  Checking in from the deep south/west here in Indiana.  I been playing Dulcimer for about 3 years, one day I will learn to really play it   you'll find that I am a joker love to make people laugh.  I also play Guitar, mandolin, bass, bones and spoons Native American Flute, Jaw harp, I kn ow I am forgetting something. Wish I could say I played with a Group, but I have yet to find another Dulcimer Player around here.

Comment by Glenda Hubbard 12 hours ago

Welcome Sharon it's exciting to have someone with as much experience as you have moderating our Indiana group !

 I started playing the dulcimer about 10 years ago maybe more I haven't put it down since. I'm in love with my Bill Berg Dulcimer. I have several others but it's the one I always go to. I live in a little town call Hall  I play with a couple of groups.  

 Welcome as the new moderator.

Comment by Sharon Day 12 hours ago

Just a word of introduction.   I am the new moderator of this group.  A little about me:   I am a member of the Central Indiana Folk Music and Mountain Dulcimer Society which meets the second Sunday of every month at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Indianapolis.  (Visitors are always welcome,  as are all acoustic instruments).  I play mountain dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, bowed dulcimer,  celtic harp,  autoharp and other assorted instruments.    I am the leader of the Spiceland Dulcimer Gang.   I have self-published,  with Ann Marie Krause of Michigan  a book/CD combination for ultimate beginners on the mountain dulcimer,  which she and I use when we teach beginners' classes.  I'd be happy to come and do a beginners' class in your area if you might be interested in such an event.    I am also the organizer of the Raintree Music Heritage Festival which will be held May 8-10, 2015 (See details in Festival section).     Since I am now moderator,  I will come to this page more frequently than I had in the past.   I'd love to get to know all of you better.  How about everyone posting a short paragraph about who you are,  where you are,  your musical interests and activities.   Also,  help  in keeping our group up to date on dulcimer related events in your area.  Let's bring some life back into this group, OK?


Comment by Sharon Day 20 hours ago
Tull's workshops will all be different, so you can take them both Friday and Saturday.
Comment by phil yesterday

I got to try to get there this year.

Comment by Kate McCollough yesterday

Wow, Sharon!  This sounds great!  I have a question about the 1 hr workshops - I see that this year, Tull had 1 hr workshops throughout the day.  Do each of these build on the previous one, or present different skills, or are they the same workshop repeated?  Could one just take his workshops all day or would it be repetitive?

Comment by Glenda Hubbard yesterday

Sharon, I'm really excited that Festival has gotten big enough to move to the campground Nothing better than camping and dulcimer music . I haven't got to come yet because of other commitments that time of the year but I certainly plan on being there next year for all three days.   

Comment by Sharon Day yesterday

Many of you have attended the Raintree Music Heritage Festival in Spiceland.  Many of you have not.  Either way, I have information for  you.   We have grown!  In the past, we were a Saturday festival held at a wonderful church venue  on Mothers Day weekend.    The NEW Raintree Festival will still be held on Mothers Day Weekend,  but it is now a WEEKEND FESTIVAL,  held at the


Cornerstone Campgrounds,  about 4 miles from Spiceland, but has a New Castle address.   (see   This year,  the REAL LEARNING will take place on Friday evening, as you will have 2 1/2 hours with the SAME INSTRUCTOR.  POWER SESSIONS for those with some playing experience on the mountain dulcimer, hammered dulcimer,  UKULELE,  an fiddle.     Also, some very small, HEADSTART  almost semi-private classes on the same instruments, Friday night,  for those who want to get a headstart on playing.     Saturday will be the same as usual - an opportunity to take a variety of hour long classes on a huge variety of instruments.  And 2 concerts.  SUNDAY MORNING GOSPEL SING led by Myra Dworski and other instructors.   The website is only partially updated, but you can check it out regularly and when the registration form is posted,  you can be one of the first to sign up.  Important especially if you want to get into one of the small headstart classes on Friday.      Website:


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