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Tuning to a key

I am playing in a Fake Book,which is in key of C. How should my dulcimer be tuned--DAa , dad, ccg or some other? Also, if possible, how sho…

Started by RichLatest Reply

Your beginner progress this week- I'm working on...

Hey newbies and dulcimer beginners- Post here to tell us about something you have been working on or learning this week! There is nothing t…

Started by StrumeliaLatest Reply

What kind of dulcimer do I need?

Beginners- Not sure of what kind of dulcimer you should get? Wondering if your current dulcimer is 'good enough'? Are you thinking maybe th…

Started by StrumeliaLatest Reply

Discussions Replies What everyone's up to!...

Your beginner progress this week- I'm working on...

Hey newbies and dulcimer beginners- Post here to tell us about something you have been working on or learning this week! There is nothing t…

Started by Strumelia

996 on Tuesday
Reply by Colleen Hailey

Different tuning

I am a beginner and my dulcimer came tuned to Dadd.   I bought a book that was Daaa and changed to that tuning.  My first instrument is the…

Started by Harris Gurowitz

8 on Sunday
Reply by folkfan

Quiet Dulcimer?

Why is Alliefair, my dulcimer, so quiet? Whenever I play for someone, especially outside, they say that she sounds pretty, but that she's r…

Started by Kitty L.

5 Jul 11
Reply by Kitty L.

Small hands, short fingers!!

I need some help concerning reaching chords/frets etc..  What do I do when my hands cannot reach the frets for a particular chord?  Or, whe…

Started by Catherine Polley

14 Jul 7
Reply by Babs Greene

Sweet Woods Beginner's Dulcimer

I recently purchased a used Dulcimer to restore.  Before I started work on it I put a new set of strings on and started to learn to play. …

Started by John Lee Wilson

8 Jul 1
Reply by Ken Battersby

Why am I getting this clacking sound?

I am a beginner so I'm sure this is something I'm doing wrong.  When I am strumming I get this clacking sound of the pick against the strin…

Started by John Lee Wilson

8 Jun 30
Reply by John Lee Wilson

How do I play with guitar players at a folk song/60's night?

Hi All,  I'll bet this has been addressed here before but I haven't found the thread just yet.  I am a fairly new player. I have been invit…

Started by Ellen Rice

22 Jun 30
Reply by Gerald

Staying in tune up the fret? Challenging . . .

Hi All,  I can tune my instrument so it is solidly D-A-d -- but I notice that as I move up the fret board that my notes are often a bit off…

Started by Ellen Rice

7 Jun 30
Reply by Ellen Rice

Trying to branch out - looking for High on a Mountain

I've been playing for a couple of years now, and lately I've been trying to figure out how to play songs without having tab. So far, I've b…

Started by Josh Hickman

3 Jun 24
Reply by Dusty Turtle

Tunes for July 4th

Hello all! Any ideas for easy , beginner, patriotic songs for July 4th? I have to work that day and want to play a song for my co-workers.

Started by E.Don

15 Jun 23
Reply by E.Don


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