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Tuning to a key

I am playing in a Fake Book,which is in key of C. How should my dulcimer be tuned--DAa , dad, ccg or some other? Also, if possible, how sho…

Started by RichLatest Reply

Your beginner progress this week- I'm working on...

Hey newbies and dulcimer beginners- Post here to tell us about something you have been working on or learning this week! There is nothing t…

Started by StrumeliaLatest Reply

What kind of dulcimer do I need?

Beginners- Not sure of what kind of dulcimer you should get? Wondering if your current dulcimer is 'good enough'? Are you thinking maybe th…

Started by StrumeliaLatest Reply

Discussions Replies What everyone's up to!...

Multi Finger Fretting

I am a dulcimer TABs fan.  My brain does not yet (optimist that I am) think in terms of f-a-c-e or e-g-b-d-f ... if I have that straight).…

Started by Mark Ash

17 7 hours ago
Reply by John Gribble

Your beginner progress this week- I'm working on...

Hey newbies and dulcimer beginners- Post here to tell us about something you have been working on or learning this week! There is nothing t…

Started by Strumelia

1124 on Monday
Reply by Lexie R Oakley

Irish Washerwoman Tablature

I heard this song played on YouTube and really enjoyed the melody. Does anyone know of simple tablature for it played in the noter style? …

Started by Garland Coulson

3 Jan 22
Reply by Garland Coulson

Festivals Near Pacific Northwest?

I am new to mountain dulcimers but really enjoying mine. My wife and I live on Vancouver Island up in Canada and there doesn't seem to be…

Started by Garland Coulson

1 Jan 21
Reply by Dusty Turtle

Choosing between larger and smaller instrument?

Hello, I am new to the dulcimer and this forum. I am lucky enough to live near a good music shop, and they had several instruments for me t…

Started by Alice

13 Jan 19
Reply by folkfan


So many choices for strings!  Any suggestions for an average player?  I play old style on an old Jeffreys 3-string but am learning to finge…

Started by Pat Henley

9 Jan 17
Reply by Ken Hulme

Am I too old to learn to play dulcimer?

I thought this would be an interesting discussion in the beginners' group. I just wrote a blog post about this question, and here are my th…

Started by Strumelia

43 Jan 17
Reply by Tom

Chromatic Dulcimer for a Beginner?

Hello everyone, and good morning!  I'm trying to settle on a standard or chromatic type of dulcimer for me and was thinking of a baritone,…

Started by William Maxey

8 Jan 17
Reply by Tom

four string verse five string dulcimer

I am a beginer  and looking a getting a dulcimer soon ! my question is what is the differnce  between a four string dulcimer and a five str…

Started by Vera Masters

11 Jan 17
Reply by Vera Masters


I am attempting to teach myself Greensleeves, what does it mean when capo 1 is included on the music. do I need to adapt my fret board or r…

Started by Terry Fritz

18 Jan 15
Reply by Maggie Kennon


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I have a main blog for Traditional style mountain dulcimer playing here: Mountain Dulcimer Noter-drone Blog This is an old style of playing where you only fret your notes on the melody string, while letting the drones strings ring open. In my blog, I express my personal views about playing, I offer free TAB and free beginner videos, and I try to help beginners understand in a very basic simple way the 'mysteries' of playing the mountain dulcimer in traditional modal noter/drone style.

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