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Hi all!


I want to know who is your favorite dulcimer maker and why.

I only have one dulcimer (Black Mountain 58DL) and know just a bunch of makers (Folkcraft, MacSpaden, Black Mountain), but I want to know more makers so when I decide to buy a new dulcimer I have a wide "catalogue" of dulcimers :)


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I especially love my Prussia Valley (pictured in my avatar). Very well made and great voice and sustain.



All my dulcimers are home made (rather poorly) but I haven't heard ANYTHING bad about McSpadden. I'd like to save up for one of those some day.

Lessee... nearly 2000 members of FOTMD.  So..... you're gonna get about a thousand answers besides McSpad and Folkcraft...  My personal favorites:


Nic Hambas - Black Creek Strings -  See the instrument in my Avatar.

Warren May

My dear friend Kerry at Gila Mountain Dulcimers


I've only bought one dulcimer so I guess Charles Spangler from Floyd, VA has to count as my current "favorite."
Jon Harris builds one of the best-for-the-money dulcimers around, 2nd would be the one's I build.
I have had a dulcimer from  Ky. make one, two Blue Lions, Folkcraft, and purchased several others from another well known maker.  I also bought two Clemmer dulcimers, and a Clemmer Ban-jammer.  The Clemmer instruments have out performed the others by a mile.   
My favorite maker is Larry Presnall from Olive Branch, MS.- but that's mosty because he made mine!

I also have the same Black Mountain that you do,  I also have two McSpadden's and I like my McSpadden's best; however for the money  I have really enjoyed my first dulcimer (the Black Mountain).  The scroll head makes it more difficult for me to change strings than the flat head though.  McSpadden has a place on their website where you can listen to different woods, if that is of interest to you.  Most dulcimers do not come with the 1 1/2 fret as a standard, so if you want that you will have to ask for it.  Also on the McSpadden, the only way you can get fret dots is if you request the ebony fretboard.  Hope this helps in your decision.  I also had a folkcraft, but did not care for the placement of the string pegs.


You will find there are as many dulcimer preferences as there are dulcimer players, and price ranges as well.


Good Luck



Only have the one, Cripple Creek Dulcimer. With nothing to compare it to, it's my favorite.

Never bought one so I guess mine is the first one I built, ugliest but darn it it sounds the best...



I have two... I was gifted w/my first, a "Norm Knight", AKA the local builder here. It's pretty basic, laminated birch, and way too big for me to hold on my lap and play-chord melody but put 'er on a table and she sings with the noter.

My other dulcimer is a Fellenbaum, walnut/red cedar. It's a perfect size for me to play chord-melody. So, of course, I love them both.
Smoky Ridge Dulcimers, By E.Dale Eckard, I don't know of any others, but this is my first MD, and I think its wounderful

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