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I tried to go to the Dulcimer Bag Lady website ( now it goes to a domain squatting site.  Can't find her on the web under "thistledown" as well.  Anyone know where she went?

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Good question, I get the same thing. Their home is called "Thistledew", not Thistledown.  I just ordered a 2nd music stand from her about a month ago.  Her site was up then and I got the stand quickly, w/o any problems. I hope everything is ok with Doug and Lee. Curious if anyone else knows what's up.

So strange, I was just on their site not even a week ago. Hmmmm......maybe forgot to pay the website hosting bill.  :)

Now that you mention it Cheryl, I was on their website this past Sunday. Everything looked fine then. Maybe they are just updating the website.

That's what it seems like.

Cheryl Johnson said:

Hmmmm......maybe forgot to pay the website hosting bill.  :)

I sent email today and I am waiting for a reply.


Received this back from my email inquiry:

Still here and making the bags.  Let me know what you need.


Doug and Lee's site is back up. Good news...they are such wonderful folks with great products. 

it's not thistledown, but thistledew.  Anyway It's Lee and Doug Felt, maybe you could "google" that.  They are located in Ohio and the email address is  Phone number is 419-864-1736.  they have a big add in this edition of Dulcimer Players News.  Hope this helps.


They were at Dulcimerville last week. Didn't try their website.

Their website has been up and running again for the last couple of weeks.

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