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Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer

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What Type of Wood for Warmth from a 25" VSL?

My diatonic McSpadden Dulcimer will soon have a chromatic Folkcraft Friend. But the VSL will be only 25" on this new one, with a Fishman pi…

Started by Kimberly Anne Schultz

2 Nov 25, 2014
Reply by Strumelia

Type of Dulcimer

Hello!  I have just purchased a Dulcimer and am very much a neophyte so please forgive me if I'm a bit goofy. Everything I know about Dulci…

Started by Liz Ohlhorst

7 Nov 24, 2014
Reply by john p

To Low Action

    How hard is it to find the right action. My new dulcimer came to me, way to high. It has been adjusted but after several tries it is no…

Started by marg

20 Nov 22, 2014
Reply by marg

Hard cases in the UK

OK, here is my problem. I live and travel a fair bit in the UK. At the moment by dulcimer lives in a fairly decent going bag. Unfortunately…

Started by Derek Bunce

3 Nov 20, 2014
Reply by Luigi

A W Jeffreys Jr.

Is A W Jeffreys Jr. the same person as A W Jefferys and what would dulcimers he made in the 60's be worth today? CD

Started by CD

88 Oct 28, 2014
Reply by Gigi Prodanova

Your story about rescuing damaged dulcimers

As a luthier, I've run across several dulcimers that have needed major repairs done.  Some of them were my own!  I think of the time I spra…

Started by John C. Knopf

1 Sep 26, 2014
Reply by John Henry

Looking for info on a dulcimer maker

Hello all, thanks for the welcome. I've recently started playing dulcimer again after about a 15 year absence - turned out an undiagnosed b…

Started by Kythryne Aisling

6 Sep 25, 2014
Reply by joe sanguinette

How difficult is it to lower a single fret?

Hi. I live in a small town with no luthier that I know of. I recently got a very nice dulcimer off eBay. It is really wonderful in all way…

Started by Travis

8 Sep 2, 2014
Reply by tony johnson

Ginger model

Could someone giveme the overall measurement of this dulcimer? I know the fretboard measurement but am looking for the eight tip to tip

Started by sandra hehl

1 Sep 1, 2014
Reply by James Phillips

Sweetie mini dulcimer

Does anyone have this dulcimer? Do you know the difference in sound and volume between the sweetie and the sweetie church style. I am looki…

Started by sandra hehl

4 Aug 30, 2014
Reply by Kristi Keller


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