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Help Identifying this Mystery Dulcimer

Greetings!   My mom has an old dulcimer that we're trying to identify the maker of.   Both her and my dad (Howie Mitchell), have no memory…

Started by David Mitchell

8 Jul 30
Reply by John Shaw

Blue Dulcimer Force-d'Ossche

HI,  I am thinking of buying a Force dOssche...anyone have any experience with this dulcimer

Started by Pamela Rossetti

6 Jul 29
Reply by Kristi Keller

Neville Price Dulcimers

I have #85 Dulcimer by Neville Price of Shelbyville Indiana Rt 4 any info about this maker would be helpful it is a fine thing to play  tha…

Started by Peter Loose

2 Jul 22
Reply by Lois Sprengnether Keel

This can't be right, can it?

My first post, so I hope it's not rude to begin with a question, but... I got this on craigslist yesterday.  I know nothing about dulcimer…

Started by Salty Strings

23 Jul 11
Reply by Steven Berger

Siegrist Dulcimer question.

Started by Terry Roger Epling

5 Jul 2
Reply by Terry Roger Epling

Changing to Wooden Pegs?

Howdy  -  My dulcimer was originally made with wooden pegs in 1967, but unfortunately sometime between then and when I got it last fall som…

Started by Kitty L.

4 May 14
Reply by Jerry Holman

My New Dulcimer

Hello!  I found this dulcimer in a shop the other day and after playing it for awhile kind of fell in love with it.  It's been banged aroun…

Started by Jennifer Wren

18 Apr 2
Reply by John C. Knopf

Loop vs. ball end strings

This may have some discussion threads already and if so I apologize for not finding it. My question concerns using loop or ball end strings…

Started by Jean Van Erem

11 Mar 23
Reply by David Lynch

Should Dulcimer Strings be Changed?

I have had my first dulcimer for about eight months now. I still have the original strings (after breaking a few the first week). The strin…

Started by Dean Patrick Preising

8 Mar 14
Reply by James Phillips

Vintage McSpadden and Tuning

Hi All. I just picked up a vintage McSpadden. It's a 1988 M-12S (mahogany with a spruce top). It was made by George Looney. It's in great s…

Started by DulcimerDean

4 Mar 13
Reply by Ken Longfield


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