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Your thoughts on Ron Gibsons Kentucky MD

Hello, I ama already looking towards a better and prettier dulcimer than my student model. Was wondering if anyone knows much about the qua…

Started by Helen Seiler

10 Feb 12
Reply by Linda Woodworth

Dulcimer volume question

Hello Folks, I have a well known brand of dulcimer that I'm not satisfied with the volume. It is a rosewood back and sides, with a cedar to…

Started by Terry Evans

12 Feb 5
Reply by Bill Davenport

A W Jeffreys Jr.

Is A W Jeffreys Jr. the same person as A W Jefferys and what would dulcimers he made in the 60's be worth today? CD

Started by CD

82 Feb 4
Reply by John Shaw

Using a non-dulcimer case for a case?

have you used anything other than a normal dulce case?.....I have my hondo teardrop inside of a old bass friend has a couple…

Started by RavenMadd Garcia

22 Jan 28
Reply by Dave Johnson

Where to place the nickel and dime?

I apologize if I am walking a well-worn path with this question but I could not find a definitive answer in previous posts. Where exactly i…

Started by Maryann Lang

1 Jan 8
Reply by John C. Knopf

Anyone heard of this maker??

Hi there!! Wondering if anyone has heard of either of this maker before.   The name is Gillian Thomas from Hickory North Carolina. There is…

Started by moonshine

6 Dec 22, 2013
Reply by Kenneth W. Longfield

What are the advantages (or disadvantages) of an ebony fretboard overlay?

Appearance preferences aside, I am curious how an ebony fretboard overlay affects the playing ease and/or acoustical qualities of a dulcim…

Started by Larry Edward Smith

16 Dec 13, 2013
Reply by Guy Babusek

Drone string sound standing out

I am a beginner player and just bought my first mountain dulcimer, new.  I like the sound, but think I would like to experiment with changi…

Started by William G Wentz

9 Dec 8, 2013
Reply by Ken Hulme

Cabin Creek Dulcimers

Does anyone have an opinion on the quality of Cabin Creek Dulcimers?  I am a beginner dulcimer player and like the look of these dulcimers…

Started by Dalton Wester

7 Nov 22, 2013
Reply by Patty from Virginia

Replacing wooden pegs with geared

Is it fairly easy to do without much modification? Has anyone done it and been happy with it?

Started by David C. Harney

3 Oct 27, 2013
Reply by Paul Certo


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