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Save your important Inbox messages now!

OK, on to the next phase in preparation for moving FOTMD to our NEW HOME on a NEW platform... It's an amazing thing that we are going to b…

Started by Strumelia in FOTMD moving to an all NEW site soonLatest Reply

Some changes to the For Sale Forum for Jan 2015 - PLEASE READ

PLEASE READ: For Sale Forum changes for 2015 For Sale forum listings must be for an actual currently existing item for sale (a CD or book,…

Started by Strumelia in FOR SALE:instruments/music items/CDs/learning materials, or Wanted to Buy...Latest Reply

FOTMD will be moving to a new Home...

Just an advance heads up to all members... For 5 years we have been hosted and maintained by Ning on their servers and using their network…

Started by Strumelia in FOTMD moving to an all NEW site soonLatest Reply

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General mountain dulcimer or music discussions

Things of interest to all mountain dulcimer players. (Please do not list any items for sale here- use the 'For Sale' forum.)

410 Mar 22
Reply by john p

Off Topic discussions

Sociable musings on whatever you like!

138 6 hours ago
Reply by Kevin Messenger

Single-Instructor workshops, single band/performer concerts, Club activities, house concerts....

Single instructor/performer workshops, smaller events, band gigs. Announce special Club events, your own performances, workshops, house concerts. Start discussions about going to festivals, workshops, music camps. -Don't forget to indicate the location and date in your thread title!

15 on Wednesday
Reply by Mark Gebhart

Chord/melody modern style playing discussions

Subjects unique to those who play in chord style and fret all the strings. Progressive/modern playing styles and music. Blues, klezmer, rock, etc.

23 Feb 24
Reply by Chuck in CT

Traditional style playing- drone and/or noter discussions

Subjects relevant to those who only fret the melody string(s), with a noter or finger.

48 19 hours ago
jam sessions and Ddd tuning
by Sandy Cryder

Instruments- discussing specific features, luthiers, instrument problems & questions

Want to talk about a particular dulcimer or about dulcimer features available from certain luthiers? Talk about string gauges, dulcimer shapes or brands, types of wood, mysterious buzzes, tuning peg types, frets...

143 Mar 17
Reply by marg

Playing and jamming difficulties...HELP ME!

Just starting out? Confused? Don't be afraid to ask if you are wondering about something. There are absolutely NO 'dumb questions', so fire away!

20 Dec 28, 2014
Reply by Cindy Stammich

Dulcimer history & traditions, archaic music discussions.

30 Feb 18
Reply by Quinn Golden

Adventures with 'other' instruments...

Talk about your 'other' instruments here, and your mountain dulcimer won't get jealous!

82 Mar 19
Reply by Strumelia

Dulcimer Resources:TABS/Books/websites/DVDs

Discussions about learning books, DVDs, TAB, recordings, new dulcimer websites or videos...all the materials that help us learn to play dulcimer. (please, no selling here- use the 'For Sale' forum to sell your items)

33 Feb 17
Reply by Strumelia

Building dulcimers

Discussions about building and making dulcimers. Be sure to join the "Dulcimer Making" GROUP as well!

56 yesterday
Reply by robert schuler

FOR SALE:instruments/music items/CDs/learning materials, or Wanted to Buy...

Here you can post dulcimer and music-related items you are selling. You can also describe music items you are Wanting to Buy. This is a free service for our members. You can list your prices, shipping and contact info. Upon selling an item worth more than $100, a $5 site donation is requested. Please do not post repeated identical long term listings for the same cd's and books over and over. Entries are removed after about 4 months to keep the forum current. Mark your thread title with "SOLD" if your item sells (or let us know) so that we may delete the thread once item is no longer available. Please *READ* our FAQ/site rules before posting here.

31 7 hours ago
Reply by Hallie Elizabeth Boyer

FAQ/Site Rules- please read! :)

Please CLICK HERE to read the FAQ member guidelines for participating in this site. Thanks, and welcome!

1 Mar 4, 2012
Reply by Strumelia


Some handy settings to know about. Ask your questions here about how to adjust your settings or get things to work on Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer.

25 Mar 8
Reply by Strumelia

FOTMD moving to an all NEW site soon

It's time for FOTMD to prepare to move to a new site location, on an all new platform! Read here and keep up with what will be happening!

2 6 hours ago
Reply by Strumelia


Dulcimer Interest GROUPS

SINGLE INSTRUCTOR WORKSHOPS, Performances, Band Gigs & Special Club Event NOTICES

Offering some special workshops? Performing at a gig? A Dulcimer Club activity? List your SINGLE INSTRUCTOR Special Event or workshop- CLICK HERE!

The Inspired Volunteer FOTMD Welcoming Commitee of the month!

3 CHEERS to members

Jim Fawcett

Karen Keane


John Wood


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Louis Stivali


Cynthia Wigington


Kenneth Longfield


Benjamin Barr

John Keane

...For warmly greeting new members and making them feel welcome here on FOTMD!


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